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big ideas

Concepts worth ranting about.

Sometimes our ideas grow beyond bite-sized. Serverless Microservices. Data-rich real-time dashboards. Advanced Custom Search. Getting real about AI implementation. Read on about what we are thinking about.

what we're thinking about

LunaVision: Our guiding principles

Good engineers become great when they're guided by a vision for how to build quick, clean future-proof applications.

Meet Lineate's LunaVision: 4 pillars describing what we build and two precepts outlining how we build.

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what we're thinking about

Serverless meet Freedom Develop.

We encourage engineers to be creative and take risks. Designing for failure and Horizontal scaling are foundational, and Serverless is a perfect fit for this. 

To get our teams up to speed, our practice principal created a how-to guide highlighting considerations and challenges to address. See how we train our engineers on Serverless.

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what we're thinking about

Considering serverless microservices.

When making architectural decisions about microservice and serverless implementations, there's a metric ton of things to consider.

So we whipped up an article on how we think about it, and how we evaluate the pros and cons of serverless microservices for a variety of use cases.

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what we're thinking about

How data-rich dashboards changed the game.

If you want to create real-time dashboards in this day and age, you've got some serious data volume and variety to contend with first. And that kind of challenge requires a proactive approach. Read our flashy new eBook for tips on how to:

  • Tackle exploring data in real time
  • Address challenges of querying event level data
  • Manage complexity using drill paths
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what we're thinking about

The antidote to outsourcing headaches.

Many people view outsourcing as a pain in the backend. They're not wrong - it really can be. However, we've provided globally distributed teams for 20 years and we've learned a thing or two along the way. Check out the 3 major problems companies face when outsourcing, and how we solved them.

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what we're thinking about

A small collection of our most popular big ideas.


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Video Recognition Is Not Rocket Science

A client approached us seeking assistance in optimizing their small surveillance team. About seven people worked at the facility who struggled to keep up. This is how we addressed the problem with our ambitious solution.

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Simplifying  Core Banking  with API Orchestration-1
Simplifying Core Banking with API Orchestration

Lineate was hired to help our client build a number of these core banking integrations, including with third-party APIs Jack Henry Symitar and Fiserv Banking Hub. We were chosen because of our extensive experience integrating a set of diverse third-party APIs under a single data orchestration layer for various industries.

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Automating Decision  for a Leading FinTech Company
Automating Decision Making for a Leading FinTech Company

Empowering credit analysts at an online lending company by giving them control over automated decision engines

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Maintaining an identity graph at scale (1)
Maintaining an identity graph at scale

Maintaining an identity graph of user profiles is foundational to the ad tech world, but querying across billions of nodes at high speed is a significant technical challenge. See how Lineate has approached this problem in the past and what we have learned.

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How to address video ad underperformance eBook (1) (1)-1
How to address video ad underperformance

Many techniques for optimizing programmatic advertising apply to video, but video traffic can have limitations that intensify the problem. Since the rest of the ad ecosystem is moving away from cookies, the solutions to video will become more and more applicable to the industry as a whole.

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Custom Search Ebook Cover
Implementing Custom Search

90% of site visitors leave after two failed searches. Our 15-page guide highlights our thoughts on best practices, and quick customization wins that have a meaningful impact.

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Ebook: Get Real About AI ebook_Cover
eBook: Get Real about AI

We take a technical dive into how machine learning helps to find, reach, and retain customers.

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Data Orchestration Guide Cover
Guide to Data Orchestration

The modern digital landscape consists of over 40+ zettabytes of data, most of which goes unanalyzed or used. Find out how to harness yours.

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Art of Data EBOOK cover
The Art of Data eBook

How arts organizations & the entertainment industry can use data to boost revenue.

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Lineate GDPR Guide_Cover
Long-Term Guide to GDPR

Compliance with GDPR is not a 'one and done' situation. Check out our long term strategy guide.

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NoSQL Database Whitepaper

Benchmarking Cassandra, Couchbase,and MongoDB for RAM-heavy Workloads

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what we're thinking about

is rethinking user tracking a civic responsibility?

CEO Ben Engber shares his thoughts on Google's decision to remove support for third-party cookies, and what this means for adtech.

If we use behavioral personalization to crudely boost engagement, we see that what people really respond to is a never ending stream of content confirming their pre-existing biases and stoking outrage.

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