Let's Discuss Your CCPA Strategy! 

Thrive in the new data law era

The CCPA gives consumers the power to view, limit, or delete their data at any time—and one mistake can lead to losing consumer trust (and massive fines).  Whether you want to discuss how the law will impact your business or you’re ready to nail down a CCPA data strategy for good, we can help. Specifically, we’ll cover:

  • What your marketing team must do to safely run campaigns after CCPA.

  • How Lineate’s Consent Manager can help you organize and use data as outlined in CCPA.

  • Tracking which channels audience segments are driving the most (and least) opt-out responses.

  • Managing data including consent responses, storage, access, and “forget me” requests.

About Us

Lineate is a software development company that builds custom technology and creates platforms that make it easy for brands to collect, organize, and use data as outlined in the California Privacy law, CCPA.