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From « Sunday school » student to Lead Software Engineer

A Lineate « Sunday school »  graduate carves a path from a Java junior to Lead Software Engineer, one of few specializing in ADA Compliance.

To  learn more about Alexey, read his interview below:


The Beginning

After completing university, I entered graduate school and worked part-time as an engineer in a design bureau. At first, combining work and study was fascinating, but later I saw very clear limitations on my growth  -  this did not suit me. The IT sphere, on the other hand, offered tremendous opportunities, which I often heard about from my relatives and acquaintances.


How did you get into Lineate?

I came to Lineate (at the time - Thumbtack) through the Sunday School of Developers. I showed up to my very first interview with nothing more than a great desire and some basic knowledge in my head that every engineer knows. After almost a year of hard work, I qualified for the Lineate Summer Intensive program and then I got my chance to work on my first Lineate project.


Tell us about your first Lineate project?

My first project at Lineate was for the School of Medicine for NYU Langone Health. It is a platform for creating and publishing research papers and for learning. Subsequently, I worked on 11 NYU Langone projects, met many people, studied various technologies and observed the development of our customer's business from a front row seat.


They say you are one of the few accessibility specialists. Tell us about it.

I was involved in the qualitative improvement of the entire School of Medicine (NYU Langone Health) platform - we made the site accessible to people with physical or other constraints.

I worked on the project for a relatively short time, but as I took on completely different tasks, studied standards and absorbed a huge amount of information from conversations within the team. And “ a11y” is no longer just a word for me. In all my projects, I try to find the opportunity to implement at least a little functionality that will make life easier for people with disabilities. I have an acquaintance who is blind  and I know that it is incredibly difficult for him to use the Internet, and making a simple order in an online store becomes an impassable quest.


What do you like about Lineate?


Lineate has a unique atmosphere; it is a very comfortable place to work. You are important here. Everyone will talk to you, think about you, help you.


You will be given the opportunity to grow in the direction you have chosen. Projects, courses, conferences, etc. to help you.


There are a lot of cool, motivated specialists around, from whom you can learn endlessly.


How do you spend your free time?

  • I like to spend time with my family. We watch cartoons, play, walk, even just take a car ride at night together.
  • Walking my dog. A lot.
  • Playing football.
  • Meeting friends
  • Courses, self-study, Pet Projects. I  cannot stand still.
starostin free time

Other things we didn't know about Lesha:

  • Initially I took the Backend developer direction in the School of Developers , and I had to re-profile for the Web during the Summer Intensive. So I worked with Java -> JavaScript + NodeJS -> PHP all in my first year in IT.
  • I like to work at night, but I had some incidents happen early on because of it – I deleted  a Jenkins Job, deployed to Production prematurely, and wrote to the wrong people. Lesson learned - You need to rest at night :)
  • Favorite video games: Lineage 2 (in the past), Dota 2 (also in the past), Titan Quest, HearthStone
  • I love cooking. But, I mean Grill. Grill only.

Thanks Lesha, for all you do here at Lineate!

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