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Acquiring new customers shouldn’t feel like a herculean task. See how we can prove your value to new customers more easily by building better audience insights, streamlining user experiences, and even creating in-house programmatic ad systems.


Manage Multichannel Campaigns

Managing one campaign across multiple channels leads to inconsistencies and ultimately, less-than-effective customer acquisition efforts. We build custom interfaces that consolidate your marketing channels and breakdown your data silos—allowing you to seamlessly plan, publish, and adjust your multichannel campaigns.


Build Holistic Audience Views

You’ve got silos of audience data from email, social, display, and web even though you’re reaching customers who likely interact with all of these channels. We’ll create tools to merge your data and build accurate, 360° customer views across all channels and devices.

Pinpoint Customer Attribution

Consumers need 5 – 10 interactions with a brand before purchasing, but understanding which touchpoint inspired them to buy can be a challenge. By aggregating your data streams and identifying who customers are across all touchpoints, we can help attribute your customers’ path to purchase and optimize the touchpoints driving the most value.


Build Programmatic Systems

Whether you’re hoping to get more value from your web/mobile ad space in real-time or reach the best audience at the best price through your display ads, Lineate has decades of experience building programmatic advertising systems for brands and B2B companies across all channels and devices.


Optimize Online UX

Improving the flow of your site is the key to conversion. But optimizing in a way that’s data-driven isn’t possible without the right tools in place. We’ll build what you need to accurately understand and organize on-site behavior to fuel your site improvements, and ultimately, increase conversions.

What’s Next?

Acquire the right customers faster and more efficiently by optimizing your current tech stack or building a custom technology solution.

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