Retain Customers Longer

If only extending a customer’s lifetime value were as simple as drinking a magic potion. To retain customers longer, your brand must use its data to determine customer needs. See how we help accomplish this by building content suggestion tools, sending geo-targeted offers, and more.


Recommend Relevant Content

Relevant content recommendations have the power to turn customers into brand loyalists. We can help you track how your customers behave across all channels and devices, and use that data to provide them with a more curated experience over time to ensure long-term retention.


Utilize Subscription Services

Media companies must meter their content and monetize products efficiently. However, subscriptions can turn users away if they’re not well-designed. We help companies build user-friendly subscription systems that include: content tracking, sign up interfaces, payment processing, and licensing based on subscription tiers.


Implement Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting makes offers from your brand more relevant. When coupled with predictive analytics based on your audience’s daily routine, geo-targeting helps reach customers with valuable content at the right time, every time. See how to utilize geo-targeting to boost in-store sales and connect with customers now.

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