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Our programs blend online materials, live lectures, and hands-on exercises for a comprehensive learning experience. Explore our two specialized courses:

  •  Front-end Development: Delve into the fundamentals of the React front-end framework and grasp essential web development principles that will shape your expertise in crafting user interfaces.
  • Back-end Development: Immerse yourself in the intricacies of API development using the Java programming language and Spring framework, acquiring the essential skills for back-end engineering.

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Join Lineate Dev School by submitting your application on our website.

Steps to join us

Becoming a part of Lineate Dev School involves three key steps:

  • Submit Your Application: Begin by sending us your application through the user-friendly form available on our website.
  • Online Skills Test: Showcase your prerequisite skills by completing an online test to assess your aptitude for the program
  • Online Interview: Engage with our lecturers in an online interview, where we delve deeper into your aspirations and discuss how Lineate DevSchool can help you achieve your goals.


Education in dev school transitions into impactful employment opportunities. Upon successful completion of our curriculum, standout students will have the chance to join a paid internship at Lineate. This unique opportunity allows you to apply your newfound skills in a real-world setting.

Success rate
Our dev school plays a pivotal role in our company's growth. Many of our talented engineers currently working with us are proud graduates of the dev school or have completed our internship programs. 27% of engineers at Lineate in 2022 were dev school graduates.
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