picture of motherboard with lights

Welcome to the
Era of Software

A manifesto.


Every company is a
software company.

Pizza company?

Software company.

Insurance company?

Software company.

Software is how you interface
with your customers,
partners, employees and

It underpins

It drives

(Simply put:
Every standout
business is built on
standout software.)

But within the last few years…Something happened.

Standout software

slowly became...

The bare minimum

What was impressive is now expected.

Now, users demand...

To-the-minute-fresh data.

Last update: right now

F l e x i b l e   e x p l o r a t i o n

Seamless integration

Aaaaand it's gotta be

Yeah, even at peak hours.

It can be intimidating.

The wonders of the old
world are the plumbing
of the new world.

It takes a lot of effort

just to meet users'

But to amaze them?

There is now a VACUUM where truly amazing software
experiences used to be.

An opportunity to create

Insanely ambitious


Holy **** software

that blows away the users of today.
...and delights the users of tomorrow.

It's important to chase something great.

Welcome to
the Era of



The kind of custom software
that accelerates your
business is hard to build.

Really hard
to build.

It needs a
dedicated team of
versatile problem-
solving experts.

And chances are...

(unless you have an abundance of in-
house geniuses with clear schedules)

that means leveraging an
outside partner.

But outsourcing...

Kind of sucks.

Everyone's making
the same claims.

(Seriously, not every firm can have “top-level talent”.)

You don't REALLY
know what you're
getting until you've

(Tech credentials are cool — but do the
developers have the..

soft skills?

work chops?

intimate domain

..that it really takes to keep projects
running smoothly?)

This is where we come in and say:

But we're Lineate.

And those outsourcing headaches?

Well, you just won't get them with us.

But honestly? You might.

Complex projects like building
ambitious data architecture are
challenging by nature.

But here's the thing:

Complex is
where we live.

It's what we do.

And it's how we raise
the bar.

Designing and implementing a new backend to handle 1 billion
daily events and return data to the frontend in less than 500

No sweat.

Rebuilding an outdated web and mobile app to handle 100,000
new users in 4 months?

Yes, please.

Designing serverless architecture and migrating an ecommerce
SaaS platform used by 50,000 businesses?

Our happy place.

What's more:

We KNOW where and
why lofty engineering
projects fail.

And we specialize in
hiring and developing
the kind of problem-
solving, independent,
people that make the
impossible happen.

We get deep into your
business goals to
build something
that's truly aligned
with the future of your

We cultivate soft
skills within our ranks
just as much as we
develop cutting-edge
engineering acumen.

(Which is to say: very, very much.)

We move our people
from project to
project in balanced
groups of skills and
They learn, work and
grow together.

And we build it


Quick and future-proof. So you don’t have to
re-do work as markets evolve.

We’re Lineate.

And your most complex
software challenges are
our specialty.

Want to redefine standout software with us?

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