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culture only exists in a community that connects

We take building culture as serious as our production environments... engineer humor...

It's core to who we are as a team to connect in ways that matter. To us this means things like:

  • teaching and learning at our Lineate University
  • holding weekly Lunch 'n Learns
  • and monthly Project Fairs where teams present cool work
  • and parties and celebrations across all our offices


We are also serious about sharing knowledge, what we are thinking about, and what we are learning, with the wider tech community.


Scroll on to see some of our recent ideas.

cool architecture
Data-as-a-Service, when data = 115,000 records per second

Working with Sovrn on its various advertising and publishing platforms is a true delight for our teams. Evaluating and implementing a high load system for Data-as-a-Service that will leverage a huge data set to make for a better experience online for all? This is kind of what we live for.


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what we're thinking about
GraphQL: Why it's More than Just Fun to Use...

GraphQL has been on the market for 6 years now. Some chalk it's value up to just a passing fancy, aka a cool new toy devs like to play with. Some tout it as the answer to all your API issues.

Find out why GraphQL is Lineate's preferred approach to greenfield API development, and often for extending existing APIs.


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Employee Spotlight: Alexey Starostin
From a student at our « Sunday Dev school » to Lead Software Engineer
We're shining a spotlight on one of our favorite home-grown talents: Alexey Starostin.
Check out our interview with Alexey where he tells all about  early days at Lineate, favorite things about working here, and how he's come to hold the unique position as resident ADA and Accessibility specialist.
what we're thinking about
Managing Cold Starts when Going Serverless
Our Practice Principals are leading the charge in migrating many of our customers to Serverless. They discuss the process and 3 Keys to managing the cold start problem.
  • Utilizing Interpreted programming languages to write lambda functions

  • Utilizing provisional scaling

  • Optimizing lambda

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what we're thinking about
Check out our latest ebook

Given the volume and variety of data today, we cannot  implement real time dashboards using the approaches of yesterday. It requires that we prepare the data so we can explore it almost instantaneously, and that we preplan the interactions from both user experience and data optimization perspectives. Read our eBook for tips on how to:

  • tackle exploring data in real time
  • address challenges of querying event level data
  • manage complexity using drill paths

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what we're thinking about
How to Test GraphQL

One of our Senior Quality Assurance Engineers shares her experience in testing GraphQL for the first time. She covers:

  • GraphQL basics
  • reviewing GraphQL Schema and API documentation
  • using basic tools for invoking queries
  • composing requests
  • choosing tools for manual tests
  • choosing tools for automated tests

Find out more about creating and executing test plans for GraphQL.

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what we're thinking about
is rethinking user tracking a civic responsibility?

CEO Ben Engber shares his thoughts on Google's decision to remove support for third-party cookies, and what this means for adtech.


“If we use behavioral personalization to crudely boost engagement, we see that what people really respond to is a never ending stream of content confirming their pre-existing biases and stoking outrage.”


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