ALERT: 90% of Site Visitors Leave After Two Failed Searches.

Convert them to customers with Best-In-Class Site Search.

Your target audience expects highly relevant search results, and fast. This requires things like fresh site data, intelligent term mapping (domain-specific terms, synonyms, dialects, phrasings, typo-tolerance), advanced filtering, type-ahead suggestions, and data-driven recommendations. Let our experts help your business exceed expectations with Custom Site Search.

Build or Replace Your Site Search

We will build a search indexing model designed around your data sets, use cases, and business domain and create a robust user-experience-driven search capability on Solr or Elasticsearch frameworks.


Expand & Tune Existing Search Capabilities 

From adding new search functions like typo detection, look-a-like queries, and synonym search to making additional data searchable, our experts can drive the results you need. An optimization package is also available to speed up your searches with index and query tuning.



Lineate helps companies go from myth to reality with custom technology. Handling billions of transactions and terabytes of data, our technology solutions have enabled companies like The New York Times, AppNexus, and NYU to achieve their goals for over a decade. Whether we’re rolling out a custom CMS that populates over 2,000 websites, providing complex loyalty offers or creating something completely custom, our expertise falls into building the tech solutions companies need to achieve their goals, improving and optimizing the technology companies already have & supporting in-house development teams with our own experts & resources.