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Data-obsessed problem solvers.

Today's users aren't easily impressed. And what it does take to impress them can

About Us

Lineate is a leading implementer of cloud solutions, helping organizations scale their technology to manage vast data volumes and user bases. Our expertise in distributed systems along with our unique culture focused on knowledge breadth and creativity sets us apart in a competitive industry. With a global presence spanning seven countries, our client base is primarily in the United States and Western Europe.

Freedom to develop

We believe in providing our engineers the freedom to develop cool software. And, the freedom to develop their careers in the process. We don't build our team based purely on experience coding in a certain language. 


Let's start with a Manifesto.

Everyone strives to solve complexity to build impressive software elegantly. We achieve it.   I'm sure you'd like to know what makes us different. 

Join us on a quick, highly visual, mildly interactive rant as we explain what we mean.

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The 3 Major Problems With Outsourcing

Our Story

In 2002, Lineate was founded with a mission to help companies manage vast amounts of data and user growth. Our initial successes in building intricate real-time computational engines and high-volume platforms led us to embrace cloud computing, evolving us into a leading implementer of cloud solutions. Central to our story is the Lineate Freedom to Develop™ culture, which fosters creativity and broad knowledge. This culture, combined with our commitment to responsible community engagement and talent nurturing, has helped us stand out in a competitive landscape.

Today, Lineate operates across seven countries and is headquartered in New York, NY, with a primary development center in Tbilisi, Georgia. Serving a global customer base, we continue to uphold our core values of exceptional problem-solving, honesty, and a safe environment to experiment. 


Leadership team

CEO, Founder

Ben Engber

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Vice President

Giorgi Tsikolia



Harrison Green-Fishback


VP of Sales

Damir Cosic


Director of Solutions Architecture

Eugene Wechsler

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