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who we are

we’re your nerd’s nerds.

Employers in our industry place too much emphasis on coding languages. There, we said it.

We don't build our team based purely on experience coding in a certain language. Instead, we seek and attract skilled engineers who embrace creativity, elegance, big challenges, and raw speed. People who love the idea of making a lasting impact with their work, and who delight in the notion that someone might read their code years later and say “Hm, that’s cool...”.

Yes, fluency with particular languages and frameworks is important, but it’s not the key driver of our success. A world-class software engineer with a firm grounding in the basics can pick up a new framework in a matter of days, and become awesome enough to begin delivering meaningful value within a matter of weeks. Especially when they’ve got permission to fail.

This leads us to what we care about most: creating a culture that rewards problem solving and experimentation. You can’t abseil without edging backwards off a cliff. You can't produce the most impactful solutions of your career if you aren’t wrestling with unique and challenging problems. And you can't innovate and grow if you don't experiment with new ideas.

global impact

with great power comes great…

…results. But we take our responsibility just as seriously. Given the power of our technology, we believe we have a duty to make sure it:

1) Helps make the world a better place.
2) Empowers people to be better.

We follow these two tenets every time we make an engineering decision. They impact everything from how we handle data, to how we implement workflows and boost user engagement. We ask the hard questions with our customers and make decisions about how to build software through this lens.

As an example, most businesses want to increase engagement with their products, services, or content. But real engagement means an exchange of ideas or value. Engagement is not about gaming human behaviour—it’s about giving users a truly rewarding experience. Take that, addictive app-makers.







Our Leadership Team

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If you are excited by helping ambitious businesses build awesome applications on top of complex data, and have some talent and ambition of your own, please contact us. 


If you are looking for a culture that applauds experimentation, being authentic and paving your own way; where people work hard and genuinely enjoy a team spirit, please contact us.


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