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Taking Early Readers to the Next Level

Maximizing the student experience through adaptive learning with engaging assessment, personalized content recommendations, gamification and rich diverse content all across the Lexile scale.

Rosen Publishing

Problem, Approach, Results.

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The Problem

Rosen Publishing is an independent publisher with a revered 70-year track record, a catalog of over 25,000 titles for K-12 students, and a series of widely adopted programs and tools for educators. Technology has made impressive strides in the educational space, however, creating pedagogically sound tools for young readers, which aren’t a burden for busy educators to use, is not as easy as your ABC’s. Rosen’s objective was to leverage the thousands of high interest preK-2 ebooks they have available, and to improve the experience of literacy development for both educators and young students alike.

Our Approach

During a 15-month project, our 10-person development and client partner team worked closely with the Rosen content teams focusing on the following 7 areas: Interactive assessment tooling; Content recommendation engine; Reporting Dashboards for students and educators with 100+ data points; Engagement tracking including time on page, time spent reading, volume of reading, growth in student Lexile measures, etc and correlating gamification systemInteractive phonics instruction and practice with animation, illustration, and narration3D Game world to explore and populate with new characters, rooms etc.; Privacy and Security controls. The objective behind the feature set was to provide a personalized and adaptive platform to understand where each student is in their learning, and to provide content, suggestions and support to foster engagement and development for these early readers.

The Results

The LevelUp platform now provides a fun, easy-to-use assessment to pinpoint each student’s reading level, offered at periodic intervals to adjust the student Lexile measure and content recommendations as readers progress. Additionally, comprehension quizzes related to each book are assignable by the educator at regular intervals along with interactive phonetics support and interactive reader lessons, setting each student up for success, all the while seamlessly adapting to their individual development needs. Reader recommendations are personalized based on a student’s Lexile measure, books read, books assigned, and other criteria for continued engagement with gamification features layered in to expand on the fun of reading. Educators are empowered with detailed insights on each student’s progress so they can spot at any moment, which student is ready for new challenges, and which may need intervention. Intuitive, robust educator dashboards provide teachers the ability to review progress and engagement through a variety of lenses, dialing the specificity of reporting data up and down with a few clicks.Since the launch of LevelUp in the Fall of 2019, Rosen has exceeded its targeted number of adoptions and is seeing an exceptionally high level of user engagement across the LevelUp platform compared to eReaders alone. With schools driven to rapidly embrace remote learning because of Covid-19, the platform has been essential to manage literacy development for dozens of school districts across the country. Additionally, Rosen has seen a dramatic increase in global demand, and will be releasing LevelUp in 13 countries, with additional international releases in the pipeline.

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