Event Wrap-Up: Social Media Week LA


The Lineate team went to Santa Monica to take on this year's #SMWLA conference. Here’s a quick recap of the event, as well as some key takeaways:

Summing up Social Media Week LA in a Nutshell:

  • Engaging presentations from industry leaders and top brand execs
  • Insightful workshop sessions surrounding the hottest, most pressing topics across social, tech, data & analytics, VR, AI, omni-channel, programmatic, video, mobile, content marketing and much more.
  • Panel interviews and Q&A with influencers and industry leaders
  • Plenty of networking events both on- and- off-site throughout the week, including one hosted @ the scenic YouTube Space LA, filled with various indoor & outdoor activities, delicious food trucks and fancy cocktails, photo-booths, runway and more!

The week followed this year’s overall SMW theme — Exploring the business, art, science, and future of social media, as well as the key global focal point of discussing, “Language and the Machine: Algorithms and the Future of Communication”. There was a lot of learning to be done around things well beyond just ‘social media’, such as; bots and how they’re impacting the world of marketing and social, AI, virtual reality, trends in data & tech, content creation and consumption, influencer marketing, personalization, and much more on how and where content is being consumed now and in the future.

We were lucky enough to host one of the workshop sessions during the 4-day conference, where our CEO, Ben Engber, broke down the complexity of pulling data together from different sources and how to make use of it for your brand. The 55 minute workshop, titled “Personalization, Optimization, and Automation are No Longer “Nice-to-Have's”: It’s Time to See the Possibilities in your Data”, addressed the following key takeaways for those in attendance:

  • Own your data
  • Find and aggregate your data
  • Connect it
  • Define metrics that matter
  • Map your data to your objectives
  • Iterate: Apply the “best of lean” to marketing

All in all, we had a blast and left the conference with a wealth of knowledge and many valuable new connections.

In terms of audience development, organically growing your content can seem like a pipe dream for many marketers. However, our friends at SMWLA taught us a few tricks....

1 - The best friendships are organic.

Putting your audience first and focusing on content that provides some utility to them can help achieve this goal. It also helps to think of your brand as a person, with a history, future and a human voice. When creating that voice, it’s key to dive into what makes your company unique since people are looking for something fresh, exciting and identifiable. In order to measure how your organic goal is coming along, there’s a new metric that’s coming to the forefront. As part of your market research, the Share of Voice metric advocates for monitoring mentions of your competitors along with your company name so you can see where you fall on a customer’s hierarchy.

2 - Did you know that people thumb through 300 feet of content per day?

Content consumption trends are ever changing and the web is flooded with information. Besides the amount of content we consume, how it’s consumed is evolving as well. Videos and images are taking the crown from written content and media companies have doubled their page views overall within the last year. Lastly, Marcus Collins, SVP of Social Engagement at Doner, introduced the idea of Cultural Contagion. Cultural Contagion is the spread of shared beliefs, artifacts, and behaviors and is more valuable than even viral content!

3 - AI isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, in fact it will only become more prominent:

The topic of AI is nothing new. However, we’re lucky to live in a time when technology is catching up with previous generations’ predictions. With the integration of Amazon’s Alexa and other home assistants in our lives, 20% of mobile Google searches now come from voice!

We were also very excited to demo our newly launched off-the-shelf product-intelligence solution for brands, DataSwitch. DataSwitch helps organizations leverage their own customer data, combine it with new or existing 1st and 3rd party data sources, and/or create targeted audience segments that can then be activated across a variety of messaging channels and platforms. DataSwitch is intended to capitalize on the shift towards the greater array of connected devices and tools that are now available for companies to manage and leverage the data they own. Check out more information on our website (www.lineate.com), and follow us on social media @wearelineate for updates on new feature releases and other exciting updates to come!



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