On-Demand Webinar: Getting Ahead In The Retail Evolution


The customer journey is no longer linear. People shop across different channels, devices, and mediums — and expect brands to be consistent wherever they go. As a result, it’s critical for retailers to connect the dots on who their customers are no matter where they shop. And while you may be collecting tons of customer data, most systems don't make it easy to use that data to acquire, engage, or retain customers with ease. In this free webinar, Elizabeth Gallagher, Lineate's Chief Revenue Officer, discusses the data challenges retailers face and best practices for managing data better right now. Also, Marguerite Adzick, Founder & CEO of Addison Bay, shares how her apparel brand manages data in real life.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How the retail data landscape is evolving — and what you need to keep up.
  • Tools to help retailers make the most of their customer data.
  • Best practices to tackle the challenges of siloed data, consumer perception of data privacy, connecting in-store and online experiences, and more.



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