How CMOs Can Make Better Data-Driven Decisions


Data is the epicenter of a marketer's job, and everyone is vying to use it to the fullest.

Data-driven marketing, first and foremost, means knowing your customers. Who they are; what, when and how they buy; how you can meet their needs in the future or right now. That means capturing the data, understanding it, leveraging it and, most importantly, knowing what to do with it.

That's the key. Knowing how best to take that sea of customer data and translate it into meaningful, personalized marketing decisions about campaigns that will reach your customers in the right way at the right time.

So, how do you get the most out of your data so you can make better marketing decisions? Here are some ideas, one feeding into another.

Consolidate your data streams

It's a deluge out there. Getting all of that data from multiple sources organized and in one place, with easy access to it, is vital. Data orchestration solutions helps marketers aggregate different tools and platforms. That way, you'll get a single source of truth for your brand's data, from customer views to performance metrics. It will save your team time and energy, too.

Break down your data silos

Consolidating your data will help with this. Data that is in a silo can cause confusion at best and at worst, it can skew your audience insights because the data can be outdated or inaccurate.

Get clean, organized data

When your silos are broken down and your data is consolidated, it's vital to do data cleansing, or a datawash. Why? Someone in your marketing database may have changed titles, or companies. Or their email may be wrong altogether. For GDPR purposes, it’s imperative that someone who opted out of marketing emails is then cleaned out of sales databases, too. Cleaning your data, ultimately, allows you to detect, correct, or remove inaccurate or corrupted records (that can be caused by silos). This ensures you have the most accurate data possible.

Get a cross-channel, 360-degree view of your customers

Breaking down your silos and having organized, clean data will help with this. Track every interaction customers have with your brand, from ad impressions to site visits, across all channels and devices. This lets you know what is drawing them in and engaging them, and just as importantly, what's turning them off. Cross-channel audience insights shine a light into that somewhat murky mystery about why one campaign succeeds and another falls flat. That knowledge lets you adjust your campaigns, tweaking them to customer preferences, and ultimately get more for your marketing dollar.

Generate reports on key channels and segments to prove marketing ROI

To get a real picture of what's working, who you're reaching, and what they're responding to, you need an easy way of pulling reports across channels. Besides identifying your key KPIs, having all of your data centralized and orchestrated ensures your reports will be more actionable than ever before. And that's the brass ring for every marketer out there.

Learn how data orchestration can streamline your brand’s ability to collect, organize, and activate marketing data. Book an evaluation to learn more.


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