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if your app is powered by complex data, you've come to the right place.


Keeping the interest of clever people is hard—so we try and make sure we’ve always got a pipeline of inspiring work. But what’s inspiring to us? Anything, as long as it’s a complex software problem.

They’re the kind of problems that arise when companies set out to build something bold. Something innovative. Like software that’s able to truly match the ambition of your business goals.

Lineate helps solve the hardest data-centric operational challenges—so your engineering team can focus on building your business. These include:

Real time dashboards 

Ingesting millions or billions of events and being able to explore them in real time is a challenge. And when data is at scale, traditional reporting won’t cut it. So we create real-time dashboards that give users the power to make decisions quickly—and change their business forever.


Integrating data pipelines

Great applications make decisions every second. Whether those decisions are based on a system of rules or machine learning, they almost always involve multiple databases, data structures and data sources. We design sophisticated pipelines and data validation tools that make sure decision engines get it right.


Delivering content at scale

All content creators have one thing in common: a need to deliver dozens upon dozens of pieces of content every day that is consistent, branded, and has built in metrics. And we know exactly how to help. With a custom content management system, brands can manage hundreds of sites in one place.

our work

making real-world impact.

Our teams become deeply invested in the software they’re building—and the last few years have been an important time to be invested. We’ve been lucky enough to work on a number of crucial projects, including:

  • Rolling out COVID-19 testing—as well as vaccine scheduling and tracking alongside one of the country’s foremost medical centers. 

  • Building decision engines that provide small business loans to those that need them most.

  • Scaling an educational platform for elementary school children to keep them engaged in remote learning.

  • Increasing driver safety by harnessing streams of data for connected cars.


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