How custom content management helped premier mass media company


This global mass media company has over 350 million digital consumers across fashion, culture, technology, food, home improvement, and entertainment.



    Maintaining consistency while distributing editorial, creative, and video content to many different publications is complex. To make matters more complicated, two divisions of the company (US and International) were merging. To simplify content distribution and publishing, the mass media company began using a content management system called Verso. The media powerhouse needed help customizing the system to achieve three goals:

    • Onboard brands to existing templates within the Verso system.
    • Maintain a high standard of engagement and content delivery with brands during the transition.
    • Stabilize existing systems in order to ensure stability and speed during future feature builds.

    Lineate was tasked to help the mass media company with achieving these goals on the Verso project.

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    Our Approach

    Lineate worked with the media company’s engineers to ensure all sub-brands could access and manage content in a unified way. UX and seamless experience were top priorities as well. The media company pushes content updates to all of its brands in real-time, and we worked to make sure Verso kept up with that expectation. Specifically, Lineate suggested regular improvements for code, process, delivery, and QA checks. Plus, our work on Verso was designed with future needs in mind. In addition to increasing the features of existing content templates, we also built the system so it could keep up with any future templates or features without lag. In light of our experience building custom content management systems from scratch, we quickly expanded site content while avoiding major legacy data migrations and minimizing maintenance costs.

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    Before Lineate joined the project, Verso page views across all brands were 10%. By the end of June 2019, Verso page views jumped to 25% due to better UX, relevant features, and more. Plus, as of December 2019, 35% of all network traffic the mass media company received was linked to Verso-built pages. When the U.S. and International divisions merged, their content and associated software needed to as well. In addition to successfully ensuring these two systems were merged seamlessly, Lineate played a critical role in executing all data rendering components of the Verso system. Working closely with PayWall, Advertisement, CMS(Copilot) and more, Lineate supported the onboarding of 12 top-tier brands to Verso - increasing unique page views by 560% in 2019.

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