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5B Daily Events, One Real-time Dashboard

33Across's programmatic ad platform helps premier publishers earn revenue, optimize yield, and gain actionable insights.

We worked together to provide these publishers state-of-the-art dashboards, which aggregate key performance data from 5 billion raw daily ad serving events. In most cases performing calculations within half a second.

33 Across

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The Problem

The 33Across platform helps publishers make more money from their ad space by connecting with a variety of supply side platforms (SSPs). But, these third-party SSPs weren’t driving as much revenue as they could. So, 33Across needed a way to connect to demand sources directly using their own SSP to increase profits from 40-50% to 60%, improve user experience for client audiences, and cut the costs of paying middle men SSPs.

This means:

As part of the solution we need to ensure brand-safe ad quality without sacrificing auction speed or performance; eliminate reporting bottlenecks to provide publishers with real-time performance data; provide options for less intrusive ads and increased viewability; leverage first-party audience & viewability data as packaged bids to DSPs; and manage private marketplace deals with top brands from a central location.

Our Approach

Lineate's existing Publisher Manager IP had many of the features 33Across was looking for to solve its SSP challenges. So, we built 33Across an in-house SSP by integrating Publisher Manager into their existing infrastructure and customizing it to match their UI. Complete with real-time performance reporting, our SSP has built-in solutions to ensure ongoing revenue optimization such as dynamic price floors (a strategy that automatically adjusts ad prices based on industry trends and advertisers’ bid histories) and custom bidding algorithms. Plus, we incorporated a creative audit tool to guarantee ad quality without impeding auction speed.

dataswitch kick off campaigns
The Results

33Across saw 8% better margins on ad placement sales compared to bids through Google AdX, AppNexus, Criteo and other networks. The customized Publisher Manager IP also helped 33Across increase eCPM by 14% in just a few months. Additionally, report generation went from taking minutes to less than a second. As a result, 33Across can now provide publishers with information on performance in real-time.

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