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PlaceIQ is a leading data and technology company that helps businesses leverage location-based insights to connect with and understand audiences.

PlaceIQ builds audience segments based on the places people visit, both past and present. With nearly a trillion data points from over 40 data sources, including hand-drawn polygons of consumer locations, PlaceIQ is uniquely positioned to help brands reach audiences at their most relevant touch points.



PlaceIQ makes intelligent decisions by examining consumers’ involvement with the physical world. This involves tracking hundreds of thousands of digital interactions per second, overlaying this data on top of millions of geographical polygons, and using advanced algorithms to determine behavioral characteristics.

Lineate was selected to create a next generation ad serving platform to aggregate this data in real-time and provide highly targeted campaigns based on buyer intent.

Lineate also tackled several key parts of PlaceIQ’s data management platform. PlaceIQ’s team of Data Scientists needed aggregated data from first and third-party sources in one place to test their hypotheses, and decision-makers needed a unified point to run reports across a spectrum of data providers to get the full picture on business performance.



Lineate created a data mart and data science testing platform that allows PlaceIQ to constantly refine their algorithms and monitor their effects on the business.

Lineate also worked to build end-user facing tooling, such as advanced Taxonomy Mapping that allows PlaceIQ’s customers to create relationships between their own data and the information gleaned from the PIQ Platform.



The platform seamlessly feeds the algorithms 6-9 billion data points per day, and delivers targeting information in 60 milliseconds or less. Revenue potential increased sevenfold, and the marketing teams can now perform their own custom analytics while incorporating deep location insight from PlaceIQ.

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