Solutions for AdTech Insights


Our core competency has always been data at scale, which has proved to be a natural fit for the AdTech industry. Since 2011, we have been leveraging this expertise to solve a wide variety of reporting and analysis challenges in AdTech by providing tooling, supporting data science teams, coding and building infrastructure, and managing massive data streams.


    Specific experience includes

    • Consuming, transforming, and pre-aggregating large streams of data so they can be easily used by data science teams to create and test hypotheses

    • Providing real-time analytics and interactive dashboards that offer insights into campaign performance, audience engagement, and market trends

    • Providing models that accurately attribute conversions and interactions across multiple channels and touchpoints, helping to understand the true effectiveness of each element in the marketing mix


    Ad-hoc reporting

    Enable ad hoc reporting by pre-aggregating incoming data streams to allow rapid-response ad hoc queries. Trend analysis of ad unit performance, taking action when necessary.


    Creative audit tool

    Make a creative audit tool that unpacks dynamic creative uploaded by brands, analyzes potential code paths, runs in a sandbox to detect malicious behaviors, and presents all the paths for rapid human review.


    Data analysis tool sets

    Build tool sets that allow analysts and data marketers to explore geolocation data against bidstream data, build hypotheses, and run them against sampled incoming data.


    Data Orchestration

    As first-party data becomes more and more critical, it is imperative for companies to not only connect to and aggregate data to understand it; they also need to set up the necessary applications and infrastructure to automatically take action on it instead of simply relying on third-party applications or partners. In this white paper, we discuss the ins and outs of what we mean by data orchestration and how our consultants can help build the processes and applications to take action.


    Key Elements for a Successful AdTech Insights Project

    • US-based Solution Architects with 10+ years of experience in developing ad solutions to help drive product ideas and architecture

    • Development team of 100+ that is familiar with AdTech needs, vocabulary, and implementations

    • Pre-built software components that leverage Lineate DataSwitch and Data Octopus to accelerate time to market

    • 24/7 support and monitoring—constant measurement of business indicators and trends to quickly alert to potential changes in market and business opportunities

    Key To Success

    Our process

    1. Meet with Lineate Solution Architects and Client Partners to define goals and have us craft an implementation plan.

    2. Kick off the project, often starting with a small engagement (two to three months) to prove the concept. No low-level handholding required.

    3. Meet regularly with the team lead and project administrators to ensure end goals remain front and center. There is a separate escalation path through US-based Client Partners, should a separate channel be needed.

    4. Iterate through rapid deliverables (typically every two weeks) to ensure we are aligned and rapidly incorporate feedback.

    5. Receive automated deployment, monitoring, and 24/7 Tier 3 support.