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At Lineate, we bring your application up to speed with the pace of technology. Our end-to-end application modernization services cover everything from development to maintenance, arming your app with the latest features, enhancing security, and optimizing cost-effective cloud usage. We understand that modernizing an application isn't just about replacing the old with the new; it requires careful planning and execution. We make your modernization journey seamless and rewarding—that's where our expertise shines.

Modernization Plan

We begin with a complete 360-degree review of your existing application. This review assesses and scores source code, architecture, infrastructure, DevOps, and security.

Backend Modernization

We replace legacy monolith frameworks with cloud-based or hybrid solutions, introduce GraphQL APIs and serverless functions, or employ "longer living" containers for optimal hardware usage and easy front-end development. With containerization, we enable effortless deployment of scalable multi-environment setups, facilitating development processes and supporting multi-tenancy creation.

Front-end Modernization

We rebuild user interfaces for both small applications and large platforms, employing a micro-front-end pattern to break down complex user interfaces into manageable, independently developed and deployed units. We promise a seamless transition, whether we’re extending web versions to mobile via native or cross-platform frameworks or we’re gradually rolling out new UIs for immediate advantages. And we reduce inter-team dependencies and bring new capabilities to market faster by leveraging technologies such as GraphQL.

Data Processing and Storage Modernization

We replace legacy data processing implementations with efficient tools like AWS EMR, AWS Glue, or Google Dataflow. And we substitute slow or expensive analytical databases with more efficient alternatives like ClickHouse.

Case studies

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Social Network for Health Care Providers

Our client provides a social network for nearly one million US health care providers, connecting them with peers, clinically relevant content by specialty, and brands and product manufacturers within the health care field. 

Tech stack

Embrace modernity with our versatile tech stack tailored for application modernization. We expertly handle AWS EMR, AWS Glue, Google Dataflow, GraphQL APIs, and various serverless functions, among others, to ensure your application stays up-to-date, secure, and efficient in the cloud environment.
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Engagement model

  • Constant Communication / Fostering a Transparent and Collaborative Environment

  • End Goal Alignment / Navigating Toward a Shared Vision

  • Rock-Solid Code / Building Robust and Reliable Systems

  • Adaptable Scaling / Embracing Growth without the Growing Pains

  • Resilient Design / Expect the Unexpected, and Plan for It

Constant Communication / Fostering a Transparent and Collaborative Environment

Our engagement model emphasizes constant and clear communication, fostering an environment of transparency and collaboration. We believe in keeping all stakeholders well-informed and engaged in order to promote open discussions and exchanges of ideas. Our approach ensures that all team members, from developers to clients, are on the same page at all stages of the development process, fostering trust and ensuring a seamless progression toward the final goal.


Our Quick and Clean™ Methodology promotes swift, error-free project execution. It fosters a safe space for innovation, allowing our engineers to experiment without fear. This approach ensures that every application we build is robust, adaptable, and ready to meet your evolving business needs. It's our roadmap to delivering quality, timely results every time.


Capitalizing on leading infrastructure-as-a-service providers, we shift utility-type engineering tasks and resource provisioning off your plate. The result is a focus on improving your core business with minimal risk.


We use application integration technologies like GraphQL to enhance discoverability, thereby reducing dependencies between teams and empowering frequent, independent deployments.

Continuous Integration

Prevent deployment failures by embedding tests into the application coding and build processes. This approach ensures quality control and significantly reduces troubleshooting time in later stages.

Infrastructure as Code

We treat provisioning of servers and services as code, ensuring all engineers on the project contribute to smooth deployments. This approach ensures consistency across all application environments and simplifies the process of redeploying in case something goes wrong.

What To Consider When Considering Serverless Microservices

At Lineate, we've worked with serverless microservices for years, and we've developed a pretty good handle on when they should be used, when they shouldn't, and what kind of things to look out for if you're actually going to implement them.

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