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Shield Your Business with Fortified Data Protection and Robust Security Practices

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Our Cloud and Application Security service is designed to offer comprehensive protection for your digital resources. We diligently organize and secure your data by implementing robust security measures throughout all our processes. This security includes running automated checks for code dependencies, utilizing best practices in cloud security configurations, and initiating data governance strategies. We also focus on protecting outdated legacy applications from possible security threats. Moreover, we conduct thorough security audits and provide insightful recommendations for enhancing your security posture.

Vulnerability Assessment Review

We conduct a complete assessment of your platform, analyzing source code, deployment practices, infrastructure, and data storage usage to identify risks. Based on our findings, we implement remediation actions and conduct penetration testing to protect the security of your platform.

Dependency Scanning

Ensuring Safe and Secure Code Deployments.

We integrate dependency scanning into all our project build pipelines. This automated process ensures that any builds containing critical vulnerabilities are identified and rectified before they reach production environments, thus maintaining the security of your digital ecosystem.

Case studies

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Technical Discovery and Analysis of a Fintech Platform

Lineate partnered with Crescendo, a global asset management investment firm, to conduct a technical assessment of a fintech company specializing in logistics and supply chain — an investment opportunity being considered.

Tech stack

Guard your cloud and applications with our robust tech stack designed for maximum security. Our repertoire includes leading tools and technologies for vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, dependency scanning, and more. Let us help you build a secure foundation for your business in the digital world.
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Engagement model

  • Constant Communication / Fostering a Transparent and Collaborative Environment

  • End Goal Alignment / Navigating Toward a Shared Vision

  • Rock-Solid Code / Building Robust and Reliable Systems

  • Adaptable Scaling / Embracing Growth without the Growing Pains

  • Resilient Design / Expect the Unexpected, and Plan for It

Constant Communication / Fostering a Transparent and Collaborative Environment

Our engagement model emphasizes constant and clear communication, fostering an environment of transparency and collaboration. We believe in keeping all stakeholders well-informed and engaged in order to promote open discussions and exchanges of ideas. Our approach ensures that all team members, from developers to clients, are on the same page at all stages of the development process, fostering trust and ensuring a seamless progression toward the final goal.


Our Quick and Clean™ Methodology promotes swift, error-free project execution. It fosters a safe space for innovation, allowing our engineers to experiment without fear. This approach ensures that every application we build is robust, adaptable, and ready to meet your evolving business needs. It's our roadmap to delivering quality, timely results every time.


Capitalizing on leading infrastructure-as-a-service providers, we shift utility-type engineering tasks and resource provisioning off your plate. The result is a focus on improving your core business with minimal risk.


We use application integration technologies like GraphQL to enhance discoverability, thereby reducing dependencies between teams and empowering frequent, independent deployments.

Continuous Integration

Prevent deployment failures by embedding tests into the application coding and build processes. This approach ensures quality control and significantly reduces troubleshooting time in later stages.

Infrastructure as Code

We treat provisioning of servers and services as code, ensuring all engineers on the project contribute to smooth deployments. This approach ensures consistency across all application environments and simplifies the process of redeploying in case something goes wrong.


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