Data Integration, Analytics, and Activation

Connecting, Understanding, and Leveraging Your Data for Business Success

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At Lineate, we aim to empower you with actionable insights from your data so you can make quick, automated, and data-driven decisions.

We streamline your data management, increasing its utility in your business operations. Our team specializes in linking data points, whether we’re connecting them in the cloud or bridging on-premises data centers with cloud systems. With our potent ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, we facilitate seamless data exploration and analysis through the latest cloud technologies.

Data Governance

Establish a solid data governance framework to manage your data assets, define ownership, and implement data management processes and technologies. Ensure data quality and security, comply with regulations, establish data architecture, and provide guidelines for decision-making. Whether you're dealing with complex API endpoints or databases from multiple third-party systems, we have the experience to unify such data, as we have done across various industries, including medical, finance, AdTech, and automotive.

Data Mapping

Bridging the Gap between Diverse Data Representations

From managing cross-channel campaigns to navigating various core banking apps, we've excelled in mapping alternative views of core concepts across multiple vendors. Our expertise lies in balancing complexity and flexibility, ensuring effective data mapping that serves your business needs.

Activation: Big Data Aggregation

Transforming Raw Data into Ready-to-Use Analytics.

Events such as ads serving, financial transactions, and vehicle navigation generate terabytes of data. Stream it all into a data warehouse and use techniques like preaggregation to give analysts fast, efficient, intuitive access. Build data lakes to support machine learning and AI. Our careful design enables querying billions of data points swiftly and effectively.

Activation: Visualization

Visualizing Your Data to Drive Business Decisions

Configuring third-party BI tools—from simple ones like Google Data Studio and AWS QuickSight to advanced ones like Looker, and Tableau—requires experience. We make your data visually understandable and actionable, optimizing legacy APIs serving data to front-ends in various tech stacks. We also build performant GraphQL endpoints to provide flexibility for custom and modern front-ends, thus reducing latencies and improving user experience.

Case studies

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A leading geospatial adtech company: Location-based insights from a trillion data points

Companies rely on consumer data to inform their marketing plans, and online activity is only part of the picture. That’s why our client uses location data metrics to deliver information on consumers’ involvement with the physical world. With this complete picture of consumer behavior, their business clients can make intelligent decisions.

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Data as a service: Fast, user-friendly reporting for hundreds of billions of records

Our client is a privacy-focused marketplace that provides search integrations for advertisers and publishers to serve pay-per-click ads in response to consumers’ searches.

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Sovrn: Efficient Data Delivery

Sovrn provides advertising tools, technologies and services to tens of thousands of content creators. They also offer access to a massive data commons that provides extraordinary insights, helping their customers grow their businesses and increase revenue. The data commons has proven invaluable to content creators, but it requires Sovrn to maintain a large identity graph.

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33Across: Five Billion Daily Events, One Near-Real-Time Dashboard

33Across is a tech company that assists their clients in capturing consumer attention in the era of automated advertising. 33Across's programmatic ad platform helps premier publishers like Warner Bros. and USA Today place less intrusive ads, optimize yield, and gain actionable insights.

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Major Hospital Chain: Redefining Patient Journeys Through Custom Search

When one of the nation’s premier medical centers needed to upgrade their website search experience, they turned to our team at Lineate. This client provides award-winning patient care, unmatched leadership in academic instruction, and world-renowned scientific discovery.

Tech stack

Leverage the benefits of our versatile and advanced tech stack to propel your business forward. Our aim is to deliver high-performing and cost-effective data integration, analytics, and activation solutions, tailored to your unique needs. To achieve this we skillfully employ a wide array of modern technologies, including industry-leading databases, cloud services, data processing tools, and BI platforms.
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The power of data

From strategic planning to deployment and management, we navigate the complexities of cloud technologies to transform your data into actionable insights.


Successful Projects

Engagement model

  • Constant Communication / Fostering a Transparent and Collaborative Environment

  • End Goal Alignment / Navigating Toward a Shared Vision

  • Rock-Solid Code / Building Robust and Reliable Systems

  • Adaptable Scaling / Embracing Growth without the Growing Pains

  • Resilient Design / Expect the Unexpected, and Plan for It

Constant Communication / Fostering a Transparent and Collaborative Environment

Our engagement model emphasizes constant and clear communication, fostering an environment of transparency and collaboration. We believe in keeping all stakeholders well-informed and engaged in order to promote open discussions and exchanges of ideas. Our approach ensures that all team members, from developers to clients, are on the same page at all stages of the development process, fostering trust and ensuring a seamless progression toward the final goal.


Our Quick and Clean™ Methodology promotes swift, error-free project execution. It fosters a safe space for innovation, allowing our engineers to experiment without fear. This approach ensures that every application we build is robust, adaptable, and ready to meet your evolving business needs. It's our roadmap to delivering quality, timely results every time.


Capitalizing on leading infrastructure-as-a-service providers, we shift utility-type engineering tasks and resource provisioning off your plate. The result is a focus on improving your core business with minimal risk.


We use application integration technologies like GraphQL to enhance discoverability, thereby reducing dependencies between teams and empowering frequent, independent deployments.

Continuous Integration

Prevent deployment failures by embedding tests into the application coding and build processes. This approach ensures quality control and significantly reduces troubleshooting time in later stages.

Infrastructure as Code

We treat provisioning of servers and services as code, ensuring all engineers on the project contribute to smooth deployments. This approach ensures consistency across all application environments and simplifies the process of redeploying in case something goes wrong.


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