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There are a lot of myths when it comes to what technology can do for your brand. No matter your Achilles Heel, Lineate builds custom software to solve your biggest pain points—whether customer-facing or internal—reliably and realistically.
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Why Lineate

Turnkey tech solutions rarely solve brand challenges with ease. That’s why we build custom platforms, provide access to experts, and approach development iteratively to ensure your tech solutions work for you (and not the other way around).

Build Your
Dream Tech Solution

Want to monetize your on-site content? Need an adtech platform with real-time bidding? No matter the problem you need to solve, our experts can help you build a platform designed specifically to address your individual needs and business goals.

Optimize The Tech
You’re Already Using

Whether simplifying campaign interfaces or using audience ID tracking to build more valuable customer insights, we’ll determine the best way to customize your techstack so that it supports (and helps surpass) your e-commerce & marketing goals.

Get Expert Help When
You Need It

If you need an expert opinion on an adtech project or support to ensure an internal CMS tool launches on time, our 200+ team of solution architects, developers, and DevOps people can provide the resources you need to get the job done.

The World’s Leading Brands Trust Us

I have been pleasantly surprised by the consistently high-quality service delivered by Lineate and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a hard working company in the software development sector.

Brian Allen

Brian Allen

Creative Director, Craftbot Coolers

Lineate knows the ad tech space exceptionally well from both the business and technical perspective. They were able to clearly communicate their solutions to our needs, and proved able to deliver the kinds of fault-tolerant systems so critical to our industry.

Michael Yudin

Michael Yudin

CTO, AdMarketplace

Lineate is an amazing company to work with! Talented and professional developers and QA team are very thorough and notice every small detail that you’ve missed or never even thought of. When you need their help the most, they will work late or even over holidays because they care.

Eugene Stetsko

Eugene Stetsko

VP Technology, 8

Lineate's dev group we’re working with is stellar. They’re agile, they’re dedicated, and most uniquely, they have a deep understanding of the ad tech space. We consider them an integral part of our team.

Steve Milton

Steve Milton

CTO & Co-Founder, PlaceIQ

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