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Lineate is the market leader in developing custom software solutions for every kind of problem in the adtech world


Want to maximize publisher yield and advertiser performance? Our team can optimize all facets of AdTech from bidders, bid models with performance goals, to AI driven recommendations.

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The ad tech industry has unusual traffic and scalability constraints that can make cloud implementations cloud prohibitive. Lineate has years of dedicated and hybrid cloud implementations, and can create a strategy and implementation that minimizes risks and costs.

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Experienced in consent management, identify graphs, contextual targeting, household device mappings to cleanrooms. We are ready to help discuss and build your identity strategy.

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AdTech is powered by data and we know the importance of integrity, security, accessibility and cost. We help customers through challenges like cloud migration, unification of data sources, automated mapping/classification, pipelines, and more.

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Transform users into decision-makers through real-time reporting and data visualization. Manage billions of records into interactive dashboards for marketers, analysts, and data data scientists. Build cross-channel attribution models and incorporate into ad operations.

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Privacy & Security

Future-proof your business from Privacy and Identity headwinds with Lineate. Implement compliant, secure, and effective solutions to improve fillrates for publishers while meeting advertiser budgets.

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  • Identity
  • Data
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  • Privacy & Security


We offer modern solutions to your modern data problems. With our team of experts, complex data projects are no longer a headache.

Our Clients

Case Studies

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Gladeo: Innovating Faster through Managed DevOps Services in the Cloud

Gladeo, a provider of career navigation platforms and online courses, wanted to private-label their app for various educational institutions, but their existing infrastructure was limited. They also had a tight timeline—Gladeo needed to deploy these private-label sites, with the ability to easily add new sites, within a few months.

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Using Machine Learning in the Cloud to Improve Driver Safety

One of our customers partners with car manufacturers to include connected vehicle and road condition data in navigation systems to improve driver safety. The company aggregates, curates, and applies machine learning to near-real-time data with the goal of improving road safety and reducing vehicle emissions.

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Social Network for Health Care Providers

Our client provides a social network for nearly one million US health care providers, connecting them with peers, clinically relevant content by specialty, and brands and product manufacturers within the health care field. 

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33Across: Five Billion Daily Events, One Near-Real-Time Dashboard

33Across is a tech company that assists their clients in capturing consumer attention in the era of automated advertising. 33Across's programmatic ad platform helps premier publishers like Warner Bros. and USA Today place less intrusive ads, optimize yield, and gain actionable insights.

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Data as a service: Fast, user-friendly reporting for hundreds of billions of records

Our client is a privacy-focused marketplace that provides search integrations for advertisers and publishers to serve pay-per-click ads in response to consumers’ searches.


Rowena Rubio

"Lineate is fantastic in every aspect! Their expertise, professionalism, and transparency are truly commendable. What sets them apart is their genuine willingness to guide and support us"

COO, Akyrian

Rowena Rubio

Donny Fausner

"The Lineate team has been great to work with. They are thorough, timely, and professional. We have not had a challenge to throw at them that they have not been able to tackle"

Mindgruve, EVP Business Development

Donny Fausner

Roger Rosen

"I have only the highest praise for the Lineate Team. They are trusted partners whose dedication, creative problem-solving, and rigorous approach to fulfilling each sprint is nonpareil"

The Rosen Publishing Group, Chairman

Roger Rosen

Christina Cavano

"I highly recommend Lineate – they are responsive, reliable, and flexible. I have been working with Lineate for 8 years and cannot say enough good things about them. I have always had a great team supporting me. I know that even if my developers go on vacation or are sick, I will have the coverage I need to keep my website and development projects moving forward"

Endeavor, Group Publisher

Christina Cavano

Jesse Demmel

“At Sovrn we worked with Lineate and they were fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

Former CTO, Sovrn

Jesse Demmel

How we drive success

  • Adaptive Collaboration: Partnering for Success

    We understand that project conditions can change. When that happens, we adapt quickly while keeping our eyes fixed on the end goal. We are autonomous and accountable; we don’t require detailed specifications and constant hand-holding.

  • Exceptional Code Quality

    We believe that good code isn't just functional—it's exemplary. Our coding process includes thorough reviews, comprehensive testing, and a commitment to creating reliable and transparent code.

  • Future-Proof Approach

    We focus on creating systems that stand the test of time, avoiding “quick and dirty” shortcuts that lead to complications. From the outset, we learn about and understand your long-term development goals, so our work is always fast, efficient, and precise.

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