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if your software goals aren’t ambitious, don’t bother scrolling.
what we do
we build software that works.


We Aren't Task Takers: we work with you to plan and design

technology that will transform your business.

We Build Modern + Fast: we leverage serverless frameworks

and lean innovation principles to get responsive software to market


We Foster Team Culture: we invest in unifying our engineering culture

with yours because good outcomes depend on it.


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our work
5b daily events, one real-time dashboard.
33 Across is changing the game. Their programmatic ad platform
helps premier publishers earn revenue, optimize
yield, and gain actionable insights. 
By working with Lineate, 33Across wanted to
provide their publishers with state-of-the-art
dashboards, which aggregate key performance
data from 5 billion raw daily ad-serving events.
The solution was simple.
(And by simple, we mean of course,
delightfully complex.)
our work
AI drives...driver safety.


Connected cars are the future.

Unless you’re a team of super-advanced innovators like—in which case connected cars are the present.

As frontrunners in the industry, needed to build a data

pipeline for terabytes of road attributes, current weather, and

accident data. This would allow them to provide real-time safety scores for

every stretch of the road. Lineate helped pave the way to realizing this ambitious goal.


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who we are
crazy about complexity.


Lineate is a natural habitat for smart, creative

people. And it’s not just because of our legendary perks. It’s

because we seek out the hardest problems—and find solutions

where none seem to exist. So talented teams have

the opportunity to produce the most impactful

solutions of their career.


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our work
moving people who are on the move.

PlaceIQ is a company that examines consumers’ involvement with the physical world, so they can provide brands with the insight to make intelligent decisions. If that sounds impressively complex, that’s because it is.

Lineate partnered with PlaceIQ to realize an audience insights architecture that feeds algorithms 6-9 billion data points per day, and delivers targeting information in 60 milliseconds or less. In other words, we helped them channel a flood of data into lots of powerful streams.

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our community
is rethinking user tracking a civic responsibility?

CEO Ben Engber shares his thoughts on Google's decision to remove support for third-party cookies, and what this means for adtech.


“If we use behavioral personalization to crudely boost engagement, we see that what people really respond to is a never ending stream of content confirming their pre-existing biases and stoking outrage.”


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our community
congrats! to our dev school spring grads.

36 students completed our 12-week Java course at

our Dev School in Omsk, taught by Lineate senior engineers 

and our resident computer science professor, Pavel Dvorkin.

Now that our 2021 class has polished their skills we can't wait

to see what they build.


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