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thrive in the era of software advantage.


Today’s users aren’t easily impressed.

And what it does take to impress them (All of them. At once.) can be insanely difficult to build.

Insanely difficult happens to be our speciality.

Lineate helps businesses craft the software that fits their ambitious needs—quickly, reliably and future-proofed. 

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Check out our FAQ for quick answers on:

  • What we do (and don't do)
  • Our expertise
  • Our Architecture philosophy, and
  • Our development methodology

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Given the volume and variety of data today, we cannot  implement real time dashboards using the approaches of yesterday. It requires that we prepare the data so we can explore it almost instantaneously, and that we preplan the interactions from both user experience and data optimization perspectives. Read our eBook for tips on how to:

  • tackle exploring data in real time
  • address challenges of querying event level data
  • manage complexity using drill paths

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6 billion data points. One delightfully complex solution.

PlaceIQ is a company that examines consumers’ involvement with the physical world, so they can provide brands with the insight to make intelligent decisions. If that sounds impressively complex, that’s because it is.

Lineate partnered with PlaceIQ to realize an audience insights architecture that feeds algorithms 6-9 billion data points per day, and delivers targeting information in 60 milliseconds or less. In other words, we helped them channel a flood of data into lots of powerful streams. That’s faster than you can say “I’m barely following all this”. We helped them channel that flood of data into strategically powerful streams.

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What working with us really looks like
Forget the hype. Cut through the puffery.
Choosing the right development partner is important, and we want you to know not only what guides us, but the nuts and bolts of how we work with our customers. The team put together a short guide beginning with initial discussions through post-delivery support.
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5b daily events, one real-time dashboard, and a dream.
33Across are a bunch of ad-serving wizards.
Their programmatic ad platform helps premier publishers earn 
revenue, optimize yield, gain actionable insights, and
do a whole load of other clever stuff.

But that wasn’t enough for them. So they asked us to provide their
publishers with state-of-the-art dashboards, which aggregate key performance data from 5 billion raw daily ad-serving events. The solution was simple. (And by simple, we mean of course, incredibly complicated.)
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a big Moove towards safer driving.
Connected cars are the future. Unless you’re a team of
super-advanced innovators like—in which case
connected cars are the present.

As frontrunners in the industry, wanted to build a data pipeline for terabytes of road attributes, current weather, and accident data. This would allow them to provide real-time safety scores for every stretch of the road. Lineate helped them realize this frankly outrageous goal with some innovative data solutions. (Yes, we’re being purposefully vague. Check out the full story for the sweet, sweet details.)
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who we are
software nerds who solve for “impossible”.


Lineate is a natural habitat for smart, creative

people. And it’s not just because of random perk

s (though we have some good ones!). It’s because

we seek out the hardest problems—and find solutions

where none seem to exist. So talented teams have

the opportunity to produce the most impactful

solutions of their career.


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