Identity solutions for AdTech

We support AdTech providers with architects and developers to help build and drive compliant, secure, and effective solutions for managing identity graphs, optimizing user interaction, and creating personalized experiences.

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For over 10 years and over dozens of software development engagements we consistently deliver custom quality software grounded in a deep domain expertise in AdTech… it’s our passion. While customer engagements vary widely, solving for Identity tends to fall into these core competencies with specific teams dedicated to each.

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User Identity/Tracking

Advanced identity resolution and privacy-compliant methods, ensuring personalized ads without infringing on privacy with algorithms and AI to create coherent user profiles from fragmented data, adhering to privacy regulations. AI-driven analytics predict behaviors, enhancing ad relevance and engagement.
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Personalize ad content based on consumer data, and optimize ad creatives based on performance data to increase engagement and conversion rates. Supporting the creation of interactive and dynamic ad content can significantly enhance user engagement and ad effectiveness.
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Audience Targeting and Segmentation

AI models that analyze vast datasets to predict consumer behaviors and preferences. Tech services and tools that provide deeper insights into audience segments, including psychographic and behavioral analysis.