Identity Solution for AdTech


Our expertise in providing high-volume transaction processing systems makes us an ideal partner in understanding and mapping customer identity. From building direct relationships with readers and customers to managing user profiles for SSPs and DSPs, we have engineers and architects with years of experience building solutions in the AdTech and MarTech space.


    Specific experience includes

    • building identity graphs across properties and partners;

    • managing first-party, third-party, and behavioral data and combining all three to form targeted audiences and interact better with customers;

    • using advanced identity resolution and privacy-compliant methods, ensuring personalized ads without infringing on privacy;

    • providing deeper insights into audience segments, including psychographic and behavioral analysis;

    • providing AI models that analyze vast datasets to predict consumer behaviors and preferences;

    • personalizing ad content based on consumer data; and

    • implementing privacy (e.g., Google Privacy Sandbox) and compliance (CCPA, GDPR, etc.) in operations and data exchange.

    Identity solutions for AdTech

    Key Elements for a Successful Identity Projects

    • US-based Solution Architects with 10+ years of experience in developing ad solutions to help drive product ideas and architecture

    • Development team of 100+ that is familiar with ad tech needs, vocabulary, and implementations

    • Pre-built software components that leverage Lineate DataSwitch and Data Octopus to accelerate time to market

    • 24/7 support and monitoring—constant measurement of business indicators and trends to quickly alert to potential changes in market and business opportunities

    Key To Success

    Our Process

    1. Meet with Lineate Solution Architects and Client Partners to define goals and have us craft an implementation plan.

    2. Kick off the project, often starting with a small engagement (two to three months) to prove the concept. No low-level handholding required.

    3. Meet regularly with the team lead and project administrators to ensure end goals remain front and center. There is a separate escalation path through US-based Client Partners, should a separate channel be needed.

    4. Iterate through rapid deliverables (typically every two weeks) to ensure we are aligned and rapidly incorporate feedback.

    5. Receive automated deployment, monitoring, and 24/7 tier 3 support.