A Data Orchestration Platform

You don’t need a crystal ball to predict who your customers are or how they’ll interact with cross-channel campaigns. Not with DataSwitch, that is. Learn how our data orchestration platform helps brands organize and use their data to connect with customers more effectively.

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What is DataSwitch?

DataSwitch is a data orchestration platform that uses your data to target the right people, at the right time, in the right place—every time. Specifically, the platform allows brands to:


Launch more targeted
campaigns across every channel


Integrate different data
sources and platforms


Mix, match, and
merge audience data


Improve audience
segments automatically


How Data Orchestration Works

Read our white paper to learn how data orchestration helps brands organize and leverage data to better connect with customers.



Why DataSwitch

DataSwitch’s three modules—Audience Manager, Campaign Manager, and Publisher Manager—cover the customer lifecycle from end-to-end. By connecting your data (site visits, email lists, etc.) with 3rd party channel information and launching multichannel campaigns in one place, DataSwitch allows you to do more with your data than ever before.


Audience Manager

DataSwitch uses audience ID matching to determine who your customers are across all channels and devices. From this omnichannel data, you can create more insightful behavioral segments like conversion paths and cross-channel engagement levels.

  • Build 360 customer views by consolidating 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data.
  • See custom audience reports, including individual profiles views and GDPR consent responses.
  • Continually enrich audience segments with behavioral data collected from campaigns.

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager simplifies campaign set up interfaces. It also uses enriched segments from Audience Manager to optimize your marketing campaigns. Once cross-channel campaigns are running, Campaign Manager dynamically allocates budget based on which segments/channels are performing and provides high level reports on what’s working and what’s not.

  • Run campaigns across multiple platforms, networks, devices, and channels.
  • See reports on how campaigns using enriched audience segments are performing.
  • Centralize campaigns running via Facebook, MailChimp, AdWords, Simplifi, TradeDesk, and more.

Publisher Manager

For brands who publish 3rd party ads on-site, Publisher Manager mediates auctions across unlimited demand side platforms to ensure you get the best price possible for your ad space. By packaging first-party audience and viewability data with inventory, Publisher Manager guarantees ads that increase value, not disruption.

  • Manage (and fill!) ad units with precision targeting and enriched audience data.
  • Sell every impression at the best price by managing inventory from one place.
  • Get granular insights on display ad performance by device used, targeting parameters, channel, and site placement.


Getting more leads

It’s tough to understand why one campaign brings in more leads than another. DataSwitch digs into cross-channel campaigns by creatives displayed, audiences targeted, and ad channels used to improve your marketing efforts. Plus, see how audiences overlap and build segments targeting your most engaged users.

Taking ownership Of Your Data

Facebook, AdWords, and other 3rd party platforms don’t provide sufficient insight into who you’re targeting during campaigns. DataSwitch uncovers this anonymous data by connecting 3rd party customer insights with actions taken on your site to build more holistic customer views.

Managing Multi-System Chaos

From Facebook to AdWords and even Salesforce, your teams use tons of different platforms. Save time and energy by consolidating tools (and the data they’ve amassed) to run search and social campaigns, view cross-channel audience data, and determine ad parameters all in one place.

Simplifying Personalization

You need to understand customer behavior across all channels and devices to create personalized experiences. By pulling omnichannel user data and matching/merging it (site visits, email, in-store activity, etc.), DataSwitch helps you understand customers holistically to create more personalized campaigns.

Engage Customers with Advanced Triggers

Want to show relevant content to potential members? Need to promote new exhibits to visitors who’ve purchased tickets in the last year? Triggered emails go well-beyond abandoned carts. And by tracking how customers engage, DataSwitch ensures you stay top-of-mind when it matters most.

Pinpointing Campaign Attribution

You don’t have one user for social and another for search, but the same person researching and purchasing across every channel on different devices. DataSwitch connects who those customers are (email, IP Address) with how they behave (social activity, time on site), and merges it to attribute campaign conversion paths.

Understanding Customers Holistically

From ad impressions to site visits, interactions users have with your campaigns are fed back into audience segments to enrich your understanding of their behavior. Plus, DataSwitch determines who customers are across channels and devices, and connects that data to emails you’ve collected for 360 customers views.

Aligning Your Data With the GDPR

Collect, organize, and use data in a way that provides safe user experiences. From granular consent to forget me requests, DataSwitch creates segments based on how users opt in/out of data collection by channel and device. Plus, custom reports show where your GDPR strategy is working and where it’s not.


See the process of Data Orchestration in this short video; How it works and why it can help target your ideal customers by providing better insight into who they are across all channels and devices.

Learn how DataSwitch can help you integrate your tech stack, orchestrate your data, and solve your biggest marketing challenges.